13 Must Follow TikTok and Instagram Food Influencers

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Food Trends

13 must follow instagram & tiktok food influencers

Social media influencers are changing the culinary landscape, especially when it comes to consumers’ relationships and engagement with food. Being such a universal interest and need, food has always transcended cultural and demographic barriers like nothing else. Even through digitized screens, our carnal instincts can’t help but gravitate towards colorful imagery of delicious cuisines, crisp produce and sun kissed gardens. Here are thirteen unique and impactful food influencers worth the follow-on Instagram and TikTok.

Eric and Shannon Jones – @dudethatcookz

“The Dude” (Eric) is a Black self-taught home cook specializing in Louisiana-inspired comfort food and cocktails. He and his photographer wife teamed up to create a social media career that captures the essence of his unique cooking style (which Eric attributes to growing up with his culinarily gifted grandmothers). Recently, Eric added an appearance on the Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games to his list of media appearances.


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Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp – @thetulepps

As passionate fourth-generation grain farmers, the Lepp sisters have made it their mission to challenge harmful stereotypes. They open up about the realities of women in agriculture and aren’t shy about flaunting their skills and work ethic. With a stylish and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, the pair shares the facts about crop production while showcasing there is little farm women can’t do – all while looking fabulous. 



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Slawek Kalkraut and Krzysztof Szymanski – @menwiththepot

Two Polish friends started sharing their love of outdoor cooking on Instagram and soon developed millions of followers across different social media platforms. Using basic ingredients, an open fire, cast iron, a meat cleaver, and a colorful blend of spices the pair makes delicious, restaurant-level meals with a gorgeous wilderness backdrop. 


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Alexis Nikole – @alexisnikole

Black forager Alexis Nikole rose to TikTok fame during the pandemic after she posted a video about edible plants commonly found in neighborhoods. Her page not only shares her experiences foraging and cooking wild-harvested dishes, but also serves to educate followers on how to safely forage in urban and rural settings.



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Kita Roberts – @girlcarnivore

A down-to-earth traveler and self-described “meat maven,” Kita married her love of savory, meaty cuisine and content creation to show her followers that grilling and searing aren’t just for men. She focuses on meat recipes and cooking techniques and loves to share how anyone can master high-end proteins if they’re willing to roll up their sleeves. 

Becky Porter – @theseasonalhomestead

When her family of six moved to a farm in Arkansas, Becky went from gardener to full-blown homesteader with the lofty goal of being as self-sufficient as possible with homegrown foods.  She uses her Instagram, blog and YouTube channel to help her followers learn more about their hands-on processes and how they can implement her techniques at home.

Joy Wilson – @joythebaker

Joy is a professional baker, author and food photographer who is completely self-taught. From her New Orleans home, she has a decadent palette and style that makes for an aesthetically pleasing homepage with detailed shots and colorful foodscapes. She even has her own magazine and teaches cooking classes in the heart of Louisiana.

Mike Johnson – @mikebakesnyc

A baker, blogger, social media personality and a lawyer, Mike is the best person to help guide aspiring home bakers. He focuses on “indulgent yet approachable comfort foods and desserts” and shares his personal recipes that span across a broad range of skill levels. If you’re looking for a sweet read, be sure to pick up his book, Even Better Brownies.

Jenny Martinez – @jennymartinezzz

Working directly from her home kitchen, Jenny treats her audience like family as she shares her family’s delicious traditional Mexican dishes. She also puts her own fun Latina twist on classic with recipes like “Carne Asada Pizza” and spicy spinach dip. For lovers of Mexican food and flavors, this is one account to be missed.

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Jocelyn Delk Adams – @grandbabycakes

With her infectious smile and cheerful personality coupled with tantalizing home-baked goods, Jocelyn is impossible not to fall in love with. Her recipes delve into her Black Southern roots and are inspired by her grandmother who sparked Jocelyn’s lifelong love of baking. Besides her colorful social media pages, her blog and cookbook, Grandbaby Cakes are an absolute must if you love bakery.


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Lauren Purnell – @culinary_canvas

If you are an admirer of culinary arts, London-based food artist Lauren is a must follow. With minimalistic yet detailed designs, she turns raw fruits and vegetables into plated masterpieces. Animals, flowers and scenery are some of her most favorite subjects to work on – beware that you may never see an empty plate the same way again.


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Valerie Agyeman, RD – @flourishheights

As a registered dietitian, Valerie focuses on women’s health with an emphasis on the Black community. She shares simple, evidence-based yet practically helpful tips for optimizing nutrition based on food choices and intuitive eating.

Tiffany Chen – @tiffycooks

Missing travel and in-person dining during the pandemic quarantine, Tiffany took to her kitchen and TikTok. A native of Taiwan, she shares her favorite Asian flavors, ingredients and dishes with her followers using easy-to-follow recipe videos. 

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Different types of food influencers have introduced their large audiences to an entirely new side of the dining experience. In fact, one restaurant marketing study found that nearly half of diners are influenced by social media in making their selection. Whether you’re a food brand, restaurant or manufacturer, if you dig deep enough, you can find influencers to work with. From marketing to education to product development, influencer partnerships aren’t just for direct to consumer marketing efforts anymore. The growing number of B2B and crossover personalities offer creative ways to expand your awareness, reach, and engagement through social video. 

Written by Jaclyn Krymowski, a contributing writer and editor for Macala Wright . Jaclyn writes about farming, agriculture and rural small business. Macala Wright writes about consumer behavior and trends, small business and sustainability. Both Macala and Jaclyn are head over heels in love with cows.