5 New Food Brands That Consumers Are Lapping Up

by | Aug 24, 2022 | food retail

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With 2022 in full swing and consumers returning to the aisles to look for new foods to love, it’s time to look at which new food brands are standing head-above shoulders from their competitors. The industry isn’t just healthy with nutritious meals, but more people now prefer to enjoy home dining experiences. One study found that 92% of U.S. families plan to continue eating at home more frequently and have a memorable experience. 

Tastes are also evolving, with value-conscious consumers supporting eco-friendly brands or those that provide additional health benefits. Deregulation and innovation in extracts saw a boom in nutraceuticals products, with brands scrambling to cash in on the $449.5 billion global market. Although many shoppers are returning to their favorite grocers, delis, and supermarkets, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) food brands mean consumers have many options to choose from for daily sustenance. Let’s dig in and see what new food brands are exciting consumers’ taste buds this season. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s new food brands are popular with consumers that are socially aware and health conscious
  • Most of the top-emerging food brands are focusing on pure and clean ingredients as well as sustainable farming with eco-friendly packaging
  • Consumers are trying out a range of new products intended for home dining experiences and healthier living
  • With better-for-you brands and adaptogen ingredients becoming a standard staple in aisles and online stores, these new food brands are cashing in on the latest trends 

What New Food Brands are Exciting Consumers in 2022?

The top new food brands sweeping the aisles and topping the tables consist of innovative startups and new tactics from old favorites. Pure and clean ingredients, celebrity endorsements, and social responsibility campaigns are seeing major investments into new food brands from venture firms. The consumer trends driving these investments include:

  • A greater focus on health and wellness, with nutrition being a major factor in buying decisions
  • Environmentally conscious shoppers that want more sustainable food products on shelves
  • Consumers with changing diets who actively look for alternatives to traditional staples
  • Maturing food technologies such as personalization, e-commerce, and even 3D food printing

Top technology trends influencing new food brands and exciting consumers

Image Courtesy of Startus Insights

The healthy flow of capital to new and nutritional food brands will continue over the coming years. As younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials start flexing their spending power, disruptors are popping up in every sector of the food industry. Shoppers remain concerned about the provenance of the products available while also trying out new sensations regularly. Below, we cover the five new food brands to check out right now. 

1. A Facelift in the Candy Aisle with BEHAVE Candy

With sweet and sour candies, BEHAVE provides a healthier alternative for consumers with a sweet tooth. The brand markets its products as low net carbs with only 60 calories and 1 gram of sugar. All its products are available from its online shop and in candy aisles around the continental U.S., including locations as far away as Honolulu. Flavors include lychee, raspberry, and passionfruit. The company wants consumers to celebrate their sweet tooth and say no to fake ingredients with a healthier candy option than most other brands. 

A chart comparing the nutritional value of new food brand BEHAVE against other candy manufacturers

Image Courtesy of Eat Behave

2. DTC Cookie Dough from DUEX

Shaking up the DTC cookie dough industry with a better-for-you alternative is DUEX. The company ships its products in a chilled box to ensure freshness and come with additional functional benefits without compromising on flavor. They market their chocolate chip, brownie batter, and peanut butter as vegan-friendly and gluten-free but also include bonus ingredients like zinc and elderflower. Instead of being hyper-focused on nutritional values and calorie counts, the brand wants consumers to enjoy all the tastes they expect from an edible cookie dough that’s also healthier than most alternatives. You can see a review of DUEX’s products below.

3. Adaptogenic Snacking with Toodaloo Trail Mix

A brand that’s gaining in popularity is the adaptogenic trail mix producer Toodaloo. The active ingredients in their products promote different functions such as relaxation, skin beauty, energy, and gut health. From sweet maple mix to BBQ and citrus, their range of flavors comes with names that match the health effects of each product. Each packet has more than 30 superfoods and contains adaptogenic herbs such as Reishi, Goji Berry, Lion’s Mane, and Macuna Pruriens. Every product they sell is gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and doesn’t use processed sugars or refined oils. 

4. Planet Protein’s Packed Powders

Fully recyclable packaging and transparent labeling set Planet Protein apart from other protein-booster food brands. With a zero-waste program, each product comes with eco-stuffing and no plastic scoop to prevent pollution. A loyalty program promises to plant one tree for every package you buy and lets consumers win points for their own environmentally friendly efforts. Blends include organic pea protein, coconut oil powder, Himalayan pink salt, and quinoa sprouts. All the products are available online, and the brand even carries out heavy metal tests on all their powders.

5. Upcycled Veggies from Seconds

Reducing food waste is a cause that many consumers support. According to Seconds (the snack brand from New York City), the world wastes 90 billion meals every year. The brand is on a mission to upcycle peels and pulps into healthy, nutritional crackers made from carrots. It has three flavors, including a chipotle ranch crunch that pairs well with artisanal cheeses or other dips and fruit platters. Consumers can buy online at the company’s website or find their products in e-commerce stores like The Goods Mart. Expect to see them stocked on shelves in supermarkets soon as it brings its mission to reduce food waste to a shelf near you. 

Statistics on food waste worldwide that new food brand Seconds is helping to reduce

Image Courtesy of Earth.org

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