Guide to Gourmet Food Gifts for the 2021 Holidays

by | Dec 2, 2021 | gourmet food

Gourmet food gifts, like this box of cookies, are the perfect choice for the 2021 holiday season.

Gourmet food gifts are the ideal choice for your customers to give to others or for themselves. In this guide, you will learn about the best trending food gifts in 2021 that you should consider stocking. Gourmet food is a great way to explore new tastes and give foodie customers something to tantalize their taste buds. A foodie is anyone who loves baking, eating out at new restaurants, trying new finds at the grocery store, or watching baking competition shows. 

Show your customers that you have the perfect gifts for their loved ones. You understand them and their absolute dedication to gastronomy. Need some help finding the perfect gourmet gifts to stock your display shelves? This guide has great gourmet food gift suggestions that your customers will love for this holiday season.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique spirits are one of the latest food trends and can make an ideal gift for the holidays in 2021.
  • Plant-based foods are becoming increasingly popular. Offer vegan-based foods your customers can buy to treat their loved ones.
  • People want to experience new cultures and tastes. Gift subscription boxes can create new food experiences.

Best Gourmet Food Gifts to Offer Your Customers for the Holidays

Here are some of the top gourmet food trends and gourmet gift baskets you can offer customers this holiday season.

1. Gourmet Spirits 

While bars and restaurants were shut down in 2020, many people honed their own bartending skills. This has led to a boom in craft mocktails and unique spirits. Your customers can get their friends and family a collection of innovative spirits like the following:

  • Aperitifs: An aperitif is an alcoholic beverage typically served before a meal. It is usually made with dry or bitter, low-proof alcohol, and sometimes combined with carbonated beverages. Haus is a trending brand thanks to its unique selection of alcohol including an aperitif sampler kit.
  • Simple syrups: Many people like to flavor their cocktails with simple syrup. Proof has a mini collection of cocktail syrups in various flavors. Consider offering your own sampler set for your customers.

This sampler set from Proof includes five flavors of simple syrups.

Image Source: Proof Syrup

  • Wine: Wine has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, it does tend to have a high sugar content, which some people try to avoid. For those people, you can offer low-sugar wines like those from the brand Winc

2. Plant-Based Gift Baskets 

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC), the popularity of plant-based foods rose significantly in 2020. In its survey, 28% of people reported increasing their intake of plant-based protein, compared to 2019. 

Eating plant-based foods is both good for our health and is more sustainable for the planet. If you have any health-conscious customers who want to introduce their loved ones to the versatility of plant-based foods, consider stocking plant-based gift baskets for the holidays. You can put together your own baskets similar to these example brands or consider partnering with them to sell in your store.

  • Vegan snacks: Plant-based vegan snack options include nuts, dried fruits, and hummus. If you are a brand that sells vegan snacks, you can try to get your products included in a vegan subscription service such as Vegancuts. This subscription box sends customers a collection of curated vegan snacks each month.
  • Vegetables: Retailers can create gift baskets with seasonal vegetables like this baby vegetable gift box from Harry & David.

A plant-based gift basket, a box of baby vegetables from Harry & David.

Image Source:

  • Plant-based baked goods: Plant-based, or vegan, baked goods eliminate eggs, milk, and other animal products while maintaining a fun dose of decadence. You can stock these oversized vegan chocolate chip cookies from Manhattan Fruitier or offer a gift basket with a variety of vegan baked goods or baking supplies.

3. Food Subscription Boxes

A monthly food subscription box is an ideal way for consumers to explore new foods from other locations or cultures. Your brand could create a subscription service where you put together unique combinations of snacks and food experiences for your customers to try. Your food brand could also offer products to existing food subscription boxes, like these popular choices:

  • Indie States of America: This food subscription box from Mouth explores treats from various U.S. regions each month.
  • TROVE: These quarterly curated gift boxes include access to a live cooking class, a collection of unique ingredients to cook with, a shopping list for needed fresh ingredients, and other special items from the featured area.
  • Try the World: For anyone who loves international food, this box explores different parts of the world each month. All products are directly imported from the countries they represent.

4. Rustic Ingredients

Some of the recently trending foods in 2021 are classic, rustic ingredients. Consider stocking these ingredients for your customers and creating gift baskets or highlighting products that are full of these classic ingredients.

  • Mushrooms and Roots: Mushrooms add a rich, earthy flavor to food. Some varieties are considered delicacies like truffles and morels. Root vegetables are also becoming increasingly popular including ginger, turnips, and radishes. 
  • Cooking Oils: An emerging trend in 2021 is experimentation with more natural cooking oils. While your customers may be familiar with olive and coconut oil, consider adding some new alternatives to your shelves like avocado, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seed oil. These simple oils can add new flavors to familiar foods.
  • Chickpeas: Also called garbanzo beans, chickpeas are usually the main ingredient in hummus. In 2021, they are becoming more popular as a meat substitution in many dishes and offer a nutty flavor.

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