Consumer Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values That Will Shape How Food Brands and Manufacturers Develop and Market Products in 2022

The pandemic turned food on its head. From the fields to the shelves, companies big and small faced shutdowns, shortages, and countless challenges. All of these disruptions not only had a massive impact on food brands and manufacturers,

When it came to customers, brands and manufacturers saw their customers’ behavior, values, and wants change overnight. For example, as store shelves were bare and people feared for lack of food availability, once struggling concepts, like buying in bulk online and meal delivery subscriptions became critical parts of daily lives.

The Food Industry saw surprising changes in behavior as new aspects of food became important to consumers. Now, as we move into 2022, the four biggest trends we’re seeing.

No. 1: Food as Medicine

Consumers are looking to food as medicine in order to better manage their health.

No. 2: Cooking at Home Becomes Experiential

Consumers continue to embrace cooking at home and creating experiences. They are also looking for convenience.

No. 3: Sustainability Is Important

Consumers continue to become more aware of their food purchase habits and how they may affect the planet. They are demanding more sustainable practices.

No. 4: Facts and Personalization

Consumers are educating themselves on what they are eating, turning to new, factual sources of information. They are also embracing more flexible, personalized ways of eating thanks to technology.

So what’s coming next? Here’s an in-depth look at the four largest trends we think will be influencing how people purchase food in the U.S. in 2022. You can also find more articles on food trends on our blog or listen to top food industry experts by subscribing to our podcast

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