What’s Happening at SIAL 2022

by | Feb 16, 2022

SIAL America 2022 Las Vegas

What’s Happening at SIAL 2022

Dillon and I can’t believe it’s the end of Season 1 of What We Want to Eat. In the past three months, we had the pleasure of speaking with amazing people in the food and farming industry. We’ll be back in May with Season 2. If you’d like to be one of our guests, please drop an email to macala.wright@emeraldx.com or dillon@realfoodrealpeople.org

Seminars and Cook Demos at SIAL 2022

The conference and seminar series is now live on the SIAL website. Over the course of three days, there are 16 talks and seven cooking demos. Here are some of the seminars Dillon and I are excited about. 

The Future of Organics

Presented By Alexis Carey, Associate Director for International Trade Organic Trade Association and  Tom Avinelis, Co-Managing Director, Agriculture Capital

The U.S. organic market is the largest in the world, with industry sales surpassing $60 billion dollars for the first time in 2020. This session will cover the landscape of the U.S. organic market, consumer preferences and understanding of organic labeling, along with trade opportunities for U.S. importers and exporters of organic products. Additionally, we’ll cover a recent survey of the organic industry led by the Organic Trade Association that looked into how supply chain challenges have impacted the growth and trade strategy of U.S. organic businesses.

Teas of the World

Presented by Gail Gastelu, Owner, Publisher of The Tea House Times

Join Gail Gastelu of The Tea House Times for a tea demonstration and tasting. Learn about different types of teas and how terroir affects the taste of tea just as it does for wine. We will taste and compare teas from one country of origin where tea leaves have been harvested from different elevations and climatic conditions, resulting in different flavor profiles. Learn how a non-alcoholic beverage can be healthy but also the main event when combined with various types of foods and desserts too!

Benefits of Animal-Product Traceability

Presented By Steve Sands, President of PFG Protein Brands

The food industry has experienced many disruptions over the past several years.  Supply chains have clearly been challenged by the pandemic. But animal disease, droughts, logistics issues and even politics have been equally disruptive. Markets will ultimately adjust and send the right economic signals to drive solutions to these problems. To a certain extent, however, every solution will depend upon product traceability and cooperation among supply chain partners. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with auditable food products and current industry best practices.

The Era of Food on Demand

Michael Schaefer, Global Lead of Food and Beverage, Euromonitor

Faster and fresher are defining the next evolution of meal fulfillment. Consumers are cooking less but demanding more from their meals, which is increasing innovation and tech investment in quicker delivery and availability of freshly prepared foods. This emerging fresh food economy is driving a new generation of competition for consumer appetite. Brands that help consumers find, create and enjoy food throughout the day will prevail as the distinction between food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, retailers and delivery aggregators converges. All these stakeholders strive to offer an array of prepared meal solutions across a wider range of occasions than ever before. In this presentation, Euromonitor International will examine the future of food on demand, revealing opportunities and ramifications in this new fresh food economy across the supply chain.

Investing Wisely in CBD Products & Cooking with CBD Oil

Chef Glenn Cybulski

Glenn Cybulski, the chef and driving force behind Tossed Sauced & Baked, a company producing CBD-infused sauces now on sale at multiple California locations, has explored the market for cannabis-infused food products. At present, more than 20 states allow CBD to be marketed under various forms of regulation, and more states are expected to join the list. Glenn will discuss the process for developing a product and gaining label approval to get it to market.

Find the entire speaker series and cooking demonstrations schedule here


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