Gathering Storm: The Food Industry’s Response to Extreme Weather Patterns

Winter is coming and, with it, plenty of unease for business leaders. The anxiety is easy to understand, considering the recession many expect in the new year.

Brian Konopka, a director with the Institute of Culinary Education, feels that, in 2023, food manufacturers will be forced to problem-solve regarding ingredient shortages. He expects staffing limitations and supply chain “hiccups.” Then again, if the pandemic era taught business leaders anything, it’s to be resolute – determined and unwavering – and to meet challenges head on.

So, while industry experts like Konopka have some concerns about the year ahead, they also look forward to innovation that’s always around the corner. Case in point: many expect 2023 to feature extremely spicy snacks, as young consumers embrace foods that turn up the heat.

“Spice levels will continue to ramp up, [thanks to] heat-addicted consumers,” Konopka predicted. “Big CPG brands will feed into this trend with more aggressive spice profiles, growing the market for snacks with a kick.” Similarly, in 2023 he expects plant-based seafood and food-as-medicine products – like adaptogenic mushrooms – to gain traction. In many ways, Konopka sounds eager to embrace the unknown in the year ahead, as he considers the “ever-broadening set of consumer products.”

The new year is always a time for business leaders to re- group and prepare for the months ahead. And SIAL – which partnered with The Food Institute on this report – hopes the pages that follow provide valuable tips and business insight to energize your organization, too.

Cheers, to a successful new year.

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